Group 6

Ideal for Marketing Managers and Business Owners wanting to improve the results from their digital spend


192 Wellington Parade,
Melbourne, 3000


Thursday, February 20th, 2020


8:30am -

Why attend?

Find out what every business needs to know about digital marketing, the hows, whats and the whys.

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Key Outcomes

  • Debunk the myths and understand the lingo
  • Know how to create good digital marketing strategies
  • Know how to recognise quality digital marketing executions
  • Be able to call ‘bullshit’ when you need to
  • Learn the skills to do it yourself 

About the masterclass

This practical one day workshop is ideal for established businesses wanting to ensure that they are getting the most out of their digital channels. The course is designed to ensure that Marketing Managers and Business Owners know what is possible as well as how to guide their teams and/or providers to get the maximum return from their investment.

The course is specifically structured to relate best practice to your own circumstances. Each session is broken down into smaller sessions in which the material is presented and then immediately discussed in relation to your business’s current practices and opportunities.


Course Structure

The course itself is focused on business outcomes and how to achieve them, providing practical solutions for:

  1. How to bring more traffic to your website
  2. How to convert traffic into enquiries
  3. How to convert enquiries into customers

This end to end approach ensures that your business will be able to maximise the ROI on its digital strategy. You will also have the knowledge to call ‘bullshit’ in an area of marketing in which the selective use of data and jargon can be quite misleading.

Why attend?

Call bullsh*t on your agency and get them working harder for your money.

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Sarah Scholtes

Sarah Scholtes

People, Culture and Training Consultant

Sarah is passionate about bringing people together and is exceptional at creating an inclusive space where you can maximise your participation and learning. She draws upon her experience from the retail, leisure and sporting industries where she has facilitated training internationally to diverse cultures. She looks forward to supporting experts in marketing and sales to create an engaging and insightful workshop.

Andrew Kent

Andrew Kent

Growth Creators _ Director
I plan on teaching you how to first get the customer and then get them to come back and buy from you again, and again.

Andrew is a veteran of the digital world, having guided some of Australia’s largest online ventures through the boom. Since then he has worked with some of the world’s largest IT companies, as well as many smaller businesses, to convert enquiries into customers and grow their businesses. He is looking forward to helping you unlock the power of marketing automation and sales cycle management in your organisation.

Simon Blangiardo

Simon Blangiardo

S/O Digital _ Director
It’s time to trust the robots and let them do the heavy lifting for you.

Simon has been working in the digital space for the past 12 years, and has a wealth of knowledge in how to best use digital channels to drive relevant traffic to your website. In a day where getting cut through in digital is getting harder and harder, Simon will teach your business how to be noticed by Google’s robots (best practice SEO). Simon will also teach you the finer details of running a successful PPC campaign, in this section he will look at both search and social media ads.

Irwin Hau

Irwin Hau

Chromatix Web Design _ Director
Let me show you how to get inside the head of your customers and create a website they want to engage with

With over 15 years in digital and having run a multi-award winning web design agency for over 10+ years, Irwin has work with start ups all the way to corporates in maximising their website effectiveness. Websites are no longer just visually stunning pieces but need to master both the art of attention and persuasion for customer conversion. Irwin will share his digital ‘fast forward rapport building’ process and step through practical examples to help bring things to life. After all, your website should be your best and strongest sales person!




Welcome & introductions
First Speaker

Simon Blangiardo _ S/O Digital

Second Speaker

Simon Blangiardo _ S/O Digital


Break for lunch
Third Speaker

Irwin Hau _ Chromatix

Website UX/UI
Fourth Speaker

Andrew Kent _ Growth Creators

Customer Growth & Sales


Panel Questions


Thanks and Goodbye

Getting there

Pullman – 192 Wellington Parade, Melbourne, 3000

Situated in East Melbourne and overlooking the iconic MCG, Melbourne Park and beautiful Fitzroy Gardens.

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For those that prefer to drive

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